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  • Filtration

    Rain Filtration Pieces

    Collecting rainwater is easy to do with the right supplies and some ingenuity. Simply collecting rainwater isn’t enough because the collected water might contain bits of debris.That’s where rain filtration comes into play. Cleaning the water is important even if you don’t plan on drinking it. Removing any harmful particles with a rainwater filtration system will make sure that it’s close to its purest form. Check out our supplies today—we have everything you need to filtrate your rainwater. A high-quality rain filtration product will clean the rainwater you collect. Contact us if you don’t find what you need, we’ll be happy to help.

  • Purification

    Rainwater Purification Systems

    Rainwater is fresh and clean, but there can still be harmful particles in it. Don’t take chances that you are ingesting harmful substances in your collected rainwater... We have rainwater purification systems that will clean your rainwater. Our rainwater purification systems clean and purify the water. Check out all our filters, accessories, mounting brackets and more. We have everything you need for rainwater purification. Contact us if you don’t see what you need, we are happy to help.

  • Tanks

    Rainwater Tanks

    Collecting rainwater is fun and easy, but it accumulates fast. As you collect the water, you will need a place to store it. That’s where North American Rain Systems comes in. We have rainwater tanks for sale so you can store and protect your rainwater. We have many different size tanks, both above and below ground. Our large rainwater tanks can store up to 10,000 gallons! No matter what the reason you are storing rainwater, you want to keep it protected from contamination and evaporation. Look at our rainwater tanks for sale and find one that fits your needs. Rainwater harvesting tanks can fit any budget and available space. If you can’t find what you need, contact us so we can help.

  • Systems & Rain Harvesting Kits

    Rainwater Harvesting Kits

    Rainwater harvesting kits from North American Rain Systems have everything you need to start collecting today. Our rain collection systems come with all the parts you need; you just have to add a storage tank. One of our rainwater harvesting kits include a water filter, leaf eater advanced, tank overflow kit, a 4" ring gasket, output assembly, and more. We have even included a handbook, made by us, to help you set up your system and learn about your new rainwater collection system. Start collecting rainwater today and build up your reserves. Never suffer a shortage of water for gardening, drinking, or anything else. Rainwater is free for the taking; all you have to do is set up your rainwater collection and filtration system.