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Rainwater Harvesting Kits

Rainwater harvesting kits from North American Rain Systems have everything you need to start collecting today. Our rain collection systems come with all the parts you need; you just have to add a storage tank. One of our rainwater harvesting kits include a water filter, leaf eater advanced, tank overflow kit, a 4" ring gasket, output assembly, and more. We have even included a handbook, made by us, to help you set up your system and learn about your new rainwater collection system. Start collecting rainwater today and build up your reserves. Never suffer a shortage of water for gardening, drinking, or anything else. Rainwater is free for the taking; all you have to do is set up your rainwater collection and filtration system.

Complete system for rain water collection includes water filter, above
ground water tank or below ground water tank. Modern technology has made
rain harvesting low hassle and lends itself well to DIY.