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North American Rain Systems

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125 Spartanburg Hwy
Lyman, SC  29365.

Our Story

North American Rain Systems is a joint venture of Randy Pace and Joshua Runion, who have been stonemasons together since 1996.  Laying stone in beautiful landscapes made real to this duo the need for rainwater collection as a means of sustaining people's horticultural investments.  The two installed systems at their respective homes, and grew impassioned about the idea:

 Randy grew sure that other avid gardeners like himself needed these systems, and Joshua came, through in-depth study on the subject, to believe in the importance of rainwater collection and dispersement as an important environmental counterbalance to the rapid local development that has led to a paradoxical water shortage in an area that receives generous rainfall.

All this is to say... this is a legitimate buisness with a solid physical presence. We're proud of our quality product selection and competitive prices, and would love to help you collect and use rainwater.  Please email questions to